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HiFi Newsletter - 2011-06

Munich High End show 2011 - 30 years anniversary


This year the High End show celebrated its 30 years anniversary, and it is obvious that things are getting better and better.

Munich show is now the global High End exhibition. Compared to CES, that has become more of a general consumer show, Munich is left as an only one truly international show focused on High End HiFi.

The exhibition center MOC with its unique combination of exhibition halls and small showrooms is another great thing.

The range of exhibits is impressive, and the visitor line-up even more impressive, they come from literally all over the world.


We met with our partners from Asia, Australia, North and South America and almost every country in Europe.

A great hand for the show administration: as an exhibitor you were met with a clear and personal guidance and precise and accurate service. Wonderful experience!

As a reader of this newsletter you will know that Ortofon focuses on introducing new products, and High End 2011 was no exception. Ortofon introduced the MC Anna, our new High End flagship cartridge, the new TA-210 tonearm and the new Stereo Inner Earphones eQ-5. Read this newsletter.


Christen H NIelsen Ortofon CEOOrtofon ceo

     Christen H. Nielsen CEO


The new Ortofon flagship MC Anna  

MC Anna  

MC Anna represents a combination of following elements very characteristic for Ortofon:

At the High-End show May 2011 in Munich Ortofon was very pleased to showcase the brand newest High End flagship MC Anna

Ortofon has a long tradition paying tribute to the persons who had been a feature of the High-End culture, Ortofon culture and Music culture and history.

In honour of these remarkable persons Ortofon launched a number of products through the last years, incl. MC Windfeld, MC RohmannKontrapunkt BACH series etc. 

This year we are very proud and honoured to introduce our new High End cartridge MC Anna, dedicated to the virtuoso opera singer Anna Netrebko. By this we will emphasizes our commitment and devotion to the music, pure musicality and the power it possesses.

  • The new improved magnet system which Ortofon has patent pending. High performance iron-cobalt alloy is applied for some parts of the magnet system
  • The new revolutionary armature damping system that provides complete elimination of unwanted resonance
  • Ortofon Replicant 100 diamond, thin and light, with an extraordinarily large contact surface, tracing accuracy unparalleled by any other needle in existence. Special polished Nude Ortofon Replicant 100 on Boron cantilever provides more responsive and transparent sound reproduction.


More information follow in the Newsletter to come. 


eQ-5 Stereo Inner Earphones   


We are please to introduce eQ-5 Balanced Armature Driver earphones - the quintessence of miniature stereo earphones. 

e-Q5 are designed to offer audio professionals, musicians and discerning listeners a transparent window into sonic purity, which reveals not only the details and elements which comprise the signal, but also any inadequacies or inconsistencies.

Equipped with the micro audio engine the new e-Q5 is synonymous with the powerful, transparent and a crystal clear sound.  


Technical data:

  • Frequency response:10 - 20,000Hz -3dB
  • Impedance:40 ohms +/- 25%
  • Max. input:20mW
  • Sensitivity:117dB +/-3dB 1 K Hz/1m W
  • Operational temparature:15℃ ~ +40℃
  • Cable:1.2m (4 ft)
  • Oxygenfree copper wires 3.5mm stereo plug
  • Total weight: 16g 

e-Q5 earphones tip fits comfortably into the ear canal and makes you enjoy the ultrahigh fidelity sound of music. The earphone tip is made of semi-transparent silicone rubber. 

The right channel earphone has a red bushing on the rear to prevent ear-mismatch.

e-Q5 are easy to store. The cable pulls out of the acoustic chamber, can rotate 360 degrees for easy hanging on any convenient place without worrying about its being kinked or broken.



  • Powerful Hi-Fi sound
  • Crystal clear tone
  • Comfort in wearing
  • Kink free break resistant cable
  • Elegant color anodized casing
  • Available in Silver, Black and Red colours



The new Ortofon TA-210 12" static balance tonearm coming soon


TA-110 and TA-210

Ortofon continues to expand successful tonearm range with introduction of the new TA-210 12" static-balance Tonearm.

Built upon the TA-110 and two areas of Ortofon’s technological know-how, the new TA-210 have gone to the next level by reducing unwanted  vibrations in the tonearm. The TA-210 is further improved with two important changes compared to the TA-110 tonearm.

The TA-210 is given a precision machined slit in each end of the aluminum tube. Due to positioning of slits, the tube retains its strength, and distributed damping is provided. A piece of Ortofon special vibration damping compound is integrated into each slit:  

Due to these two different materials an extended damping effect is obtained in the largest possible range.  



  • Static balanced gimbal type arm, easy to use and adjust for optimal VTF settings
  • Standard headshell connector
  • Standard 5-pin DIN connector for tonearm cable
  • The tonearm geometry allows for a Baerwald alignment 
  • Extra mass ring for heavier combinations is included 



Technical data: 

  • Effective mass without headshell 5 g
  • Effective arm length 329.0 mm
  • Mounting distance 316.6 mm
  • Offset angle: 16.5 degrees
  • Overhang: 12.4 mm
  • Tracking force adjusting range : 0-3 g/ 0-4 g
  • Height adjustment range: 35-55 mm
  • Diameter of the armbase mounting hole: 19-20 mm
  • Diameter of the centre shaft of tonearm: 18.0 mm
  • Inner null point: 66 mm
  • Outer null point: 120.9 mm

Both TA-110 and TA-210 tonearms can ideally be combined with Ortofon Exclusive series cartridges:  MC WindfeldMC A90 and Xpression.

The new High-end headshell LH-10000, incorporating damping technology similar to the tonearms, will be a perfect interface between TA-110/210 and Ortofon Cadenza Series, MC Windfeld and MC A90. 




Replacement stylus for MM cartridges  

Replacement stylus   

To support our customers, who might have need help to identify a replacement stylus for thier precious MM, we have now added pictures of the entire Ortofon replacement styli product line to the Replacement styli.

NB: Please be aware that some companies are selling compatible styli without making it clear, they are not made by Ortofon. In other words they are suggesting styli are genuine Ortofon, when they are not. Ortofon original styli are recognisable by Ortofon logo printed on the stylus body.

Historical products 

Ortofon VMS 30   

To comply with our customers requests we have extended Ortofon Historical products with a number of useful aticles e.g. VMS Series cartridges, Series 500 MMSeries 300 MM and SPU series.

We are continuously working on extension of Ortofon web and will appreciate to recieve your suggestions for further improvements, please send e-mail to support@ortofon.dk.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaS


Recent reviews  

mc 20 super 


MC 20 Super was recently reviewed by Jerold O’Brien in TONEAudio Magazine http://www.tonepublications.com/ :

The Return of a Classic  

"... the full width and depth of the concert hall was revealed to scale, revealing extremely accurate string sound with no artificial or annoying artifacts; a tough hurdle to jump even with the best cartridges.  The realistic swell and ebb of the dynamic peaks on this record is tough to track all the way through, yet posed no problem for the MC 20 Super... I am definitely adding this one to my cartridge collection. Highly recommended." 


In the Newsletter to come 

  • New products
  • MC Anna
  • Customer Survey
  • Recent reviews